Do I Have to Sell My Assets When I Begin to Work With You?

In most cases, our clients do not have to sell their assets when they transition from another wealth management firm to VESTA. If we conclude that it is in your best interest to liquidate certain holdings for tax reasons or to better align your portfolios with your comprehensive wealth plan, we will establish a process to do so in an orderly manner.

If I Elect to Manage Some of My Assets on My Own, Can I Receive Input from You on Those?

We establish a separate trading account for clients who wish to manage some of their own holdings. We will provide help with research and trading techniques for such assets where appropriate. Our investment professionals take a holistic approach to ensure that your investments fit with your long term financial goals.

How Will We Communicate?

Our online tools allow you quick and convenient access to your holdings at all time, across multiple platforms. You will also receive periodic reports from your investment professional, helping us stay on track towards your financial goals.

We review your accounts periodically and share views and suggestions in conference calls with you. The frequency and length of these conferences depend on your unique circumstances.

In addition, we also strive to return calls as soon as possible. We have representatives located in several time zones and ensure that a team, as opposed to a single individual, are up to date on every client. This allows us to speedily respond to client requests at all times.

Who Will be the Custodian of My Assets?

We have engaged various custody providers, all of whom are consistently ranked as the safest and most secure custodians in the nation. Working with several institutions gives us options and allows us to direct clients to the most suitable custodian given their needs and goals. Custodians we recommend to include: T.D. Ameritrade, Fidelity, and Charles Schwab.

How Frequently Will We Speak in Person or Over the Phone?

The frequency of our communication depends on various factors. During the early stages of our relationship, we will interact intensively, often many times a day. This intense interaction is often necessary to grasp your financial circumstances. After we establish and begin to implement a long-term plan, we will typically have calls at least once a month. These interactions enable us to continuously improve your wealth plan and its execution.

Should you need to contact us immediately, we are at your service at all times and almost always return calls within 24 hours.

What Services Do You Offer to Corporate Executives?

Corporate stock and option plans are often a critical source of wealth for corporate executives. Therefore, we carefully review your whole compensation package and tailor the right sale and liquidation strategy. We look at the big picture. Rather than maximize short-term gains, our goal is to help you attain your long term financial objectives. We have substantial experience with Rules 10b5-1 and 144 as well as all major monetization strategies for corporate executive.

What Services Do You Offer to Business Owners?

We can help you identify the appropriate solutions to address all of your mid to large business financial needs. That includes cash management, retirement plans and sophisticated business succession strategies (eg: ESOP). VESTA remains your objective advisor and will recommend financial institutions solely based on how well they suit your needs.

Will We Make Investment Decisions Together?

Yes. We proactively initiate regular dialogues with you to stay updated on any changes. We provide recommendations on investment strategies based on how they will fit your needs and goals, however, you always have the final say in investment choices.

Do I Need to Provide You With Discretion Over My Accounts?

Most of our clients find it more convenient to engage us on a discretionary basis. When we are engaged on a discretionary basis, we adhere to the strategies we have formulated together and your pre-approval for every trade is not required.

Few clients may wish to preview every trade and provide approval before we can execute them. Such clients engage us on a non-discretionary basis.

Do You Help Clients With Loan/Mortgage Applications?

We regularly help clients locate the right lender for loan applications and help with the paperwork to speed up the process. Where necessary, we may involve external experts and may charge a nominal fee for the time we spend managing the borrowing process for you.

Would You Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement?

We sign a non-disclosure agreement with every one of our clients and handle their personal information with absolute care and respect.

Is There an Additional Charge to Talk to my Tax Accountant, Estate Attorney or Similar Counsel?

We will gladly work with your accountants and attorneys at no extra charge.

Can You Help Me Maintain Regular Cash Flow to Meet Financial Obligations?

Yes. We can help you schedule distributions from option plans, corporate stock accounts and other sources to match cash inflows and expenditures While doing so, we look at the whole picture and, where necessary, suggest changes in your cashflow management to help you stay on track.

How Do We Get Started Working With You?

To better assess your needs and answer any questions you may have about our firm, we start with a conference call between you and a senior advisor. We encourage you to review “Why VESTA” in detail prior to our initial call. During the call, we discuss your financial situation and goals.  Shall we mutually decide to move ahead, we sign a non-disclosure agreement, prepare the necessary paperwork, and provide you with a username and password for our secure online logins. We then follow-up with another meeting, either in person or via teleconference, to present you with a plan tailored to fit your needs.  We maintain monthly calls throughout our relationship.

How Do You Protect My Data and Privacy?

All of your details are confidential and shared with no one, except when authorized by you. As Registered Investment Advisors, authorized and regulated by SEC, we are also bound by law to protect your privacy.

During electronic transmissions, your data is encrypted with the most advanced software used to safeguard military and intelligence information by the U.S. government. We periodically update our security programs to ensure that we utilize the latest versions.