Borrow Strategically

When used strategically, borrowing can be effective in:

  • Achieving your objectives;
  • Beneficial to your long-term net worth
  • An efficient device to create a legacy

VESTA proposes the most suitable alternatives that seek to strike the right balance between convenience, speed of access, due diligence and interest costs. We work with our financial partners to make the process as easy and convenient as possible, while maintaining complete independence and objectivity

Bridging the Gap With Short-Term Loans

While we do not suggest a continued reliance on borrowed funds to finance spending, you may occasionally need access to loans to bridge a short term gap in your personal balance sheet. Some alternatives we may propose include Tailored Lending, Loans Against Securities, and other business assets.

Long-Term Borrowing

Even if your portfolio is highly liquid, containing ample cash, you may need to borrow cash to finance big purchases, such as a home or an aircraft. Some of our clients need to invest significant sums in a business venture. In such cases, we work with you to locate the most suitable lender and cooperate with your accountant and the lender to help prepare the paperwork. As always, we add value by drawing your attention the long-term consequences of the move and provide clarity on how it will aid in or potentially detract from reaching your financial goals.