Invest Prudently

Institutional Thinking for Individual Investors

As an investor with significant wealth, you can benefit from the sophistication that typically characterizes institutional portfolio management. At VESTA Wealth management, we combine advances analytical methods with personalized care to align your investment strategy with your wealth plan. With our Five Step Process, we combine your goals and risk tolerance with our experience to arrive at the right long term vision and execution that we believe is right for you.

  1. Identify Requirements
    We first determine where you wish to arrive and how much time we have to get you there. For some investors the goal is retirement in ten years, while for others it is the establishment of a charitable foundation within the next few years. The goals and timeline will determine return targets, milestones and tax considerations. These parameters provide the clarity we need to establish a solid roadmap.
  2. Identify Preferences
    After we determine where we must travel, we have to decide how to get there. The right path depends on your risk tolerance, comfort level with specific financial instruments and the associated volatility. The ideal wealth management plan not only takes you where you wish to go, but also provides peace of mind as we implement it.
  3. Select Asset Mix
    By using the information we have thus far obtained we propose the strategic asset allocation that we believe strikes the right balance between the growth rate you need and the risk you can and need to tolerate. We have a wide variety of choices, including traditional and nontraditional asset classes. We also seek to provide diversification within each asset class—across sectors, currencies, and countries.
  4. Implementation
    After we determine the right asset mix for you, we execute the trades that are necessary. We aim to minimize transaction costs during this process. We time and structure the trades with careful consideration of tax consequences and work with your tax accountants as well as legal counsel where fruitful.
  5. Rebalancing
    After arriving at the right portfolio we carefully monitor both the performance of the portfolio as well as new opportunities that may emerge in the financial markets. In some instances, changes in your financial needs, goals and sensitivities require a rebalancing of your portfolio. We take all of these factors into consideration when readjusting your holdings and hold periodical meetings with you to ensure we stay on track.