Insure Wisely

At VESTA Wealth Management, we understand that you work hard and long for your money. Therefore, we handle your investments with the same dedication, care and prudence as when dealing with the assets of our own families. To protect your assets, we rely on a five step formalized process. This process helps us not only to chart a course in the waters of global markets, but also prepare for contingencies.

1. Draft a Risk Map

We listen to your perception of risks, complement this understanding with our experience and create a complete framework of all the risks you are facing

In simpler terms, this is where both you and us understand what is at risk and what adverse events we must be prepared for, such as illness, a layoff or sharp correction in the stock market.

2. Articulate the Potential Impact of Risk Events

Estimating the harm that can be done by adverse events is challenging, because such events do not occur often in life. This is where our experience and access to experts comes in. In many cases, you will be surprised at the financial impact specific events will have on your portfolio and finances. While the damage is sometimes more than they you assume, in other instances it is significantly less.

3. Propose Alternative Strategies and Recommend the Most Suitable One

Depending on how vulnerable your assets are to adverse events, we can propose a combination of risk management tools, including:

Transfer: By acquiring insurance, the risk is effectively transferred to the insurance carrier

Mitigate: We can mitigate excessive risks by selling certain assets and investing the proceeds in safer instruments

Accept: We know the risk exists, and we accept it because of its perceived low probability, estimated low Impact, or other reasons

Avoid: We eliminate your exposure to the risk altogether.

Assessing the costs and benefits of implementing each of these four strategies in your situation is where VESTA’s expertise and experience makes a key difference.

4. Implement the Elected Strategy

Once we settle on a course of action together, we execute the risk management strategy swiftly and cost effectively. We shop around to get you the best value on insurance products and contain transaction costs when rebalancing your portfolio.

5. Review Periodically

As part of our holistic approach to financial planning, we keep a close eye on emerging risks as the circumstances in your life, perception of risk, preferred strategies, and available products change over time. Therefore, we periodically revisit the overall process to maintain and possibly enhance the resilience of your plan.

Better names or structure:

  • Link to Protect the lifestyle of your loved ones (life insurance)
  • Link to Protect your income (annuities, disability insurance, long-term care planning)
  • Link to Protect your portfolio (Alternative Investments)
  • Link to Protect your wealth (Estate Planning and Trusts)


A thorough financial plan should prepare you and your loved ones for everything, including the very worst. After all, nothing matters to your family as much as you do. Losing you, while facing a financial disaster at the same time, can simply be too much to bear for your loved ones.

A life insurance policy can often be the difference between the financial collapse of a household and providing the means that are often badly needed during such a difficult time. The right life insurance policy will provide your loved ones with a tax-free cash payment upon your demise and help them pay for funeral costs, education expenses, mortgages and much more.

When selecting and proposing a life-insurance policy for you, we consider all relevant factors, including your expected future income stream, assets that will be inherited by the survivors and the earning power of those you may leave behind. We then cross-shop to get you the best deal from a variety of dependable insurance providers.


Annuities are yet another option when planning for retirement and hedging against contingencies. This generally misunderstood financial product can complement your existing asset mix if used prudently.