Retirement Planning

You have invested many years of your life to live a happy and comfortable retirement. However, in today’s increasingly volatile financial markets, even high net worth investors are understandably concerned about having enough to retire in timely fashion.

Regardless of whether you have a few years or decades until retirement, or are already retired, a sound financial plan and careful execution will help to eliminate the worry and anxiety.


Save for Retirement

The most common questions we receive from prudent investors about saving for retirement include:

  • When can I realistically retire?
  • Am I saving enough to retire?
  • Will my assets last through retirement?
  • How do I repair my personal balance sheet?
  • How do I recapture the wealth I have lost?
  • How can I help protect my family from unforeseen losses?

Our team of investment professionals will work with you to answer these as well as all other questions.

Transition Smoothly into Retirement

There are many reasons you may transition from employment into retirement gradually. You may have agreed to stay active in your company for a few more years after selling your majority stake, for instance, or may be an executive in a multinational conglomerate slowly withdrawing from daily activities as the new management team is taking over. We are here to ensure that your investment plan evolves accordingly. We help you proactively redefine your investment strategy as your income, spending patterns and tax burden shift during this process.

Live a Secure and Happy Retirement

Once retired, your financial goals, priorities and concerns will likely change. Our key mission at this stage is to help you experience the retirement you have worked hard for. This involves a deep look at your cash in and outflows over the coming years, making optimum use of your retirement packages and making optimum use of any new tax advantages that may emerge. With the right guidance, you can sustain a comfortable and rewarding lifestyle and leave adequate financial resources to the next generation or to charitable causes.