VESTA Wealth Management was founded in order to start with a clean state and build an innovative financial institution, free from the restrictions imposed by large, established entities. Over the course of the last decade, we often found ourselves asking so many “What if” questions. What if we were free to develop client relationships that span multiple generations, without concerns about quarterly “target numbers” decided by a headquarter staff who doesn’t know our clients?

What if we provided a high-touch service to a small group of highly-selected distinguished clients, whose aspirations and values match ours, instead of diluting our service quality and time over the volume pushed by large corporations?

What if you, our client, could benefit from the best wealth management technology, with the functionality our clients desire, without the limitations of legacy data banks and outdated software?

What if we ran a global operation that services clients when and where they need us, instead of being constrained by traditional office hours and travel limitations?

What if you, our client, were key contributors to our operational choices, rather than a remote head office imposing constraints that limit service?


The name of our company was inspired by the Temple of VESTA, which is an ancient edifice in Rome. The temple was home to a group of priestesses, who kept the sacred fire within the temple alive.

We build multigenerational relationships that are meant to last beyond our lifetimes. By limiting the number of clients we work with, we are able to devote the attention and care to each relationship.

VESTA Wealth Management utilizes the most advanced technology to guard your privacy, and provide uninterrupted access to your key data as well as financial resources under all conditions.

At VESTA Wealth Management we work with a wide variety of clients, who share several key qualities.

At VESTA, our team is consisted of dedicated individuals who have both the experience and knowledge to guide you safely across your wealth management needs.