Our Clients

At VESTA Wealth Management we work with a wide variety of clients, who share several key qualities.


Our clients are typically very successful in their chosen field and include CEOs of high tech companies, Senior Partners of Top Strategy Consulting Firms, an Oscar Winner and a Best-Selling Author. They have ambitious, but realistic financial goals. The values and objectives of our clients tend to be multi-generational; they strive to leave a legacy which will outlive them. They typically earn at least $500,000 a year and start with $2,000,000 in investable assets including retirement accounts (such as 401k, defined benefit plans, pensions) and employer compensation packages (corporate stock, stock options, RSUs etc).

Disciplined and Focused

We build lasting partnerships with clients, who desire to craft a long-term game plan together with us and value the professional expertise we bring to the table. Instead of betting on market trends or trying to predict the “next big thing”, our clients desire to establish a stable relationship with a financial professional to whom they can delegate important responsibilities. Since our clients do not have time to get involved in every detail of financial management, they wish to work with professionals who excel at details.

Relationship Driven

Our clients understand that financial management is built on trust and are looking for a team they feel comfortable with. They prefer to talk to informed and attentive professionals, as opposed to a call center. They value stability and want to deal with the same individuals for decades.

Building a Relationship

We are not active marketers of our services. Instead, a relationship typically starts with a referral from an existing client or one of our select attorneys or CPAs. At VESTA Wealth Management, we are respectfully selective with our client base and only accept clients whom we can service flawlessly. Our values, vision and style must match with those of prospective clients. A mutually satisfying relationship is far easier to build if the client shares our systematic, structured and analytical approach to wealth management.

Once we decide that we are a good match for each other, we encourage you to ask us the challenging questions, whose answers will form the foundation of our customized game plan:

  • How much do I need to earn, save, or sell my business for, given what I want out of life?
  • When can I afford to stop focusing on earning more and start doing what I enjoy?
  • How can we ensure I will never run out of money?
  • What level of investment return do I need to achieve my financial goals?
  • How do I achieve that return with the lowest level of risk?

We too ask our clients questions to help us understand the path forward

  • What is important to you about wealth?
  • Who are your loved ones? What causes would you consider supporting?
  • What values about wealth would you like to impart to your beneficiaries?
  • How do you define outstanding service?
  • What are your measures of success?
  • What is prompting you to look for a new wealth manager?
  • What would be your key selection criteria?

and many others.

Once we begin working together, the client will receive a steady stream of digestible, useful and actionable information. Simple, consolidated financial statements and convenient access to key financial data enable us to check progress against long-term goals and stay on track.

This combination of intensive planning, careful execution and continuous communication enables our clients to devote more time to what they love, with the peace of mind they deserve.