Our Story

Client Driven

VESTA Wealth Management was built around this vision: to provide client-driven service to a focused portfolio of distinguished clients. At VESTA, our strategies, processes, and technology are aligned to shape a service model that fits our clients.

A simple example of this philosophy is how, when, and where you can access your information. If you prefer summary snapshots, our e-Wealth Management System provides that. If you want to gain comfort form the progress of the plan toward your goals, our financial planning tool provides that view. If you have detailed account questions, our Morningstar software offers customizable view and levels of detail. All this can happen any time you desire, you are limited by quarterly reports, monthly statements, or a yearly financial plan review. And you can access all this information from your computer, your tablet, or your smartphone.

This philosophy manifests itself in every one of our policies and defines our institution. We meet you when and where convenient and regularly schedule face to face meetings with clients in essentially all major Asian, European and American cities. We do not care if the New York Stock Exchange or the Chicago Board of Trade is open for business, because we always are. Hence, we meet clients on any imaginable date from Christmas to Chinese New Year. We have financial professionals located in three time zones, fluent in English, Italian, French, Turkish, German, Thai and Portuguese.

A 360° View of Your Financial World

The other major reason for the establishment of VESTA was our desire to build comprehensive advisory relationships that encompass much more than investing and go much further than the usual two to five year strategic planning horizons in classic financial institutions. Instead, our goal is to build a multigenerational relationship that will continue beyond our lifetimes.

VESTA’s Mission is not to merely buy and sell financial products on your behalf. Instead, we take a holistic approach and help you tackle all of life’s challenges that have financial ramifications. To ensure that we never stray from this path, we have made a strategic decision to never give our staff quotas to fill or pay them sales commissions. We charge an advisory fee for our services, which does not depend on how you invest or what products you purchase from our financial partners.

We are just as selective in who we hire as financial associates as we are in the selection of our clients. Our staff works as a cohesive and coordinated team and everyone is responsible for complete client satisfaction. Once you begin to work with us, you are not just a client, but a member of the VESTA family.

The Fire Of VESTA

The name of our company was inspired by the Temple of VESTA, which is an ancient edifice in Rome. The temple was home to a group of priestesses, who kept the sacred fire within the temple alive. The priestesses spent 30 years within the temple, dedicating the first ten years of their tenure to learning the rules and rituals, the next ten to practicing them and the final ten years to educating the next generation. They were held in exceptionally high esteem and shared the most prestigious seats in the Roman Coliseum with the wives and daughters of Senators and, in later years, of emperors.

The temple of VESTA was also a storehouse for critical and highly confidential legal documents, such as wills, as well as some of the most sacred artifacts, including the statue of Athena, believed to have been brought by the city’s founders.

Like the priestesses, we at VESTA Wealth Management guard what is immensely important for you and your family.