VESTA Wealth Management utilizes the most advanced technology to guard your privacy, and provide uninterrupted access to your key data as well as financial resources under all conditions.

Our user-friendly data systems are seamlessly integrated. You can safely and conveniently reach your data from your platform and device of choice.

We are unburdened by legacy systems incompatible with newer technologies or partnership agreements that lock us into unproductive partnerships. As a dynamic, customer-driven company, we independently select our technology partners to maximize value to our clients. We use multiple data backups, advanced encryption and security systems and work only with financial as well as technology partners who have excellent service records. Our disaster recovery plans aim to account for the unforeseeable and provide access to your data and money under the most adverse of circumstances.

To ensure uninterrupted service under even the most adverse conditions, our servers and backups are strategically distributed across North America. During Hurricane Sandy, for example, some very large and established investment banks lost data access as both their main and backup data centers, located in New York City and New Jersey respectively, were hit simultaneously. We strive to avoid such disturbances by selecting the correct location for the physical storage of our data, picking the right technology partners we can rely on during hard times and a comprehensive training program for our staff that equips them with the right skills to handle emergencies.

Safety & Custody of Accounts

We devote a great amount of attention to the proper custody of your assets. The choice of right asset custodian is an often overlooked part of asset management. While it may be convenient for the asset management company to act as the sole custodian of your assets, this is not always in your best interest. To avoid potential conflicts of interest VESTA Wealth Management does not act as the custodian of your funds. This means that we have no say in how quickly you can access your funds or where you deposit them into. Our strong, secure and independent custodians are accountable to only you, providing you with full control of your assets at all times.

We use various custodians for client accounts, which are consistently ranked as the most respected custody providers in America. This variety provides plenty of alternatives to match you with the most suitable custodian.

Custody Providers we recommend:

T.D. Ameritrade
Charles Schwab

If you prefer, you can also leave your assets with the custodian of your choice.

Protection of Your Assets

VESTA is absolutely committed to the safety and security of your future. Therefore we have taken extensive measures to safeguard your assets.

SIPC Coverage

All of our custodians are members of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) which provides coverage up to $500,000 for securities, including cash claims limited to $100,000. For more details on how SIPC coverage is relevant for you, please refer to the Securities Investor Protection Corporation’s brochure.

Segregation of Client Assets

All of our custodians are in full compliance with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s rules governing segregation of client assets. Your assets are kept apart from the funds of custodians at all times. Mismanagement of the custodian’s finances does not jeopardize the client’s assets. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority states:

  • “In virtually all cases, when a brokerage firm ceases to operate, customer assets are safe and typically are transferred in an orderly fashion to another registered brokerage firm. Multiple layers of protection safeguard investor assets.”


Extra coverage

All of our custodians have arranged for additional coverage over and above those provided by by the SIPC and FDIC.